NYS Career Development Opportunities

The goal for New York State Career Development Opportunities, Inc is
to assist women who are starting, changing or advancing their careers due to unemployment,
underutilization or changes in life which have impacted their earning potential or job stability.

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How does New York State Career Development Opportunities, Inc EMPOWER WOMEN?

NYS CDO Providing Outreach programs

NYS CDO Empowering business and professional women

NYS CDO supporting educational assistance

NYS CDO helping young girls choose a career



We are pleased to announce the offering of monetary grants to assist New York State women with their career-related studies, education, and/or training and related costs. Such costs might include, but are not exclusive to, such items as tuition, registration fees, license fees, clothing, tools/instruments costs, etc.

JOIN TODAY! We invite you to join our efforts in providing these programs and services. Annual membership is $25. Donations are always welcome and are tax-deductible.

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